Is riding elephants that exciting? Maybe you change your mind after reading this!

We were all able to see many movies in which people ride elephants. They are representing us that as something remarkable. All those commercials that offer riding elephants are somehow telling us how we are missing something if we don't try that at least once in our life.
To be completely honest with you, I also thought that way. But, after I have tried this ''amazing ride'', I have realized a few things. Those may change the way you look at riding elephants.

1. These animals are not happy. Once I came to the destination and was ready to ride an elephant, I was very excited. I was so excited until I have seen so much pain in the animal's eyes. They literally spend their whole life in captivity.

2. Their health. You cannot expect to see a healthy animal there because the crushing process is so painful and unhealthy. They literally look like some sort of slaves. When I came home, I cried from time to time. Every time I remember that crush process I felt very bad.

3. They interact with you. As I've already mentioned above, you can see the sadness in their eyes. But, elephants have feelings and empathy. They will socially interact with you. Although that doesn't sound possible to you at this moment, believe me how you will remember my words if you decide to ride an elephant.

4. Some places are actually elephant-friendly. If you still want to ride an elephant, be sure that you find those sanctuaries which are elephant-friendly. They take care of the animals and do everything in their power to make them lead at least some sort of normal lives.

Have you ever thought about the facts I have mentioned above? Do you feel sorry for the animals that spend their lives as slaves? Why humans use animals for such purposes?

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